CloudByte ElastiStor overview

What is CloudByte ElastiStor

CloudByte ElastiStor is a full-featured enterprise storage solution for virtualized environments. Its patented technology empowers organizations to spin out Virtual Storage Machines (VSMs) and to scale storage performance higher or lower instantly.ElastiStor makes storage predictable, affordable and easy, even as you scale to thousands of applications.

Installable on a wide range of industry-standard servers, ElastiStor frees enterprises and service providers from vendor lock-ins. ElastiStor lets you custom-build storage infrastructure based on your requirements, with support for SATA, SAS, and SSD hardware as well as NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI protocols.

Cloud-scale Performance

The allocation of application-specific storage silos to deliver performance does not scale well in today’s cloud and virtualized environments. ElastiStor enables you to guarantee performance (IOPS, throughput, and latency) for every application right from a common storage platform. This fully shared data storage solution optimizes your infrastructure, minimizes your CAPEX, and enables more performance applications to move to the cloud.

No Vendor Lock-in

In addition to being software-defined, ElastiStor eliminates the need for you to lock into specific vendors or overspend on proprietary hardware. The benefits of commodity, industry-standard resources are first reflected in minimized CAPEX, and later make shifting vendors easy with no proprietary hardware lock-in.

Hardware Flexibility

Restricting storage media choice is not an ideal scenario when you have a wide variety of performance needs, from archival to big data applications, and it is definitely not practical to fit every performance-sensitive application on an all-SSD array. ElastiStor is software-only so you continue to work with the storage media of your choice – SSD, SAS, SATA, or any mix – optimized for your performance needs.

Simple Management

Managing storage for a large number of applications and their constantly changing performance demands is not for the faint hearted. Manual tuning of spindles or other hardware is no longer an option. Being software-defined, ElastiStor allows you to instantly provision fully-elastic storage volumes for any workload from the shared storage pool to enable fast deployment and reconfiguration options. Now it is a simple matter to schedule backups, migrate sites, and empower customers with comprehensive management rights for their dedicated storage. Additionally, datacenter admins will be able to provision and manage QoS-aware storage volumes for VMs right from VMWare vCenter, Citrix XenCenter, OpenStack Horizon, or CloudStack.


With CloudByte ElastiStor you can now replace hundreds of legacy storage silos in your datacenters with a single, extensible storage platform. By fully sharing your infrastructure, deploying industry-standard hardware and optimally choosing your storage media, ElastiStor can significantly reduce your datacenter footprint, leading to 80-90% cost savings over 3-5 years. Add simplified management that brings down your operational costs, and you get the lowest cost storage QoS solution.

Features at a glance

Along with the standard storage features, CloudByte ElastiStor provides certain product-specific features of which some are unique.

CloudByte ElastiStor features

Guaranteed Storage QoS within Shared Storage

Share your storage and deliver predictable performance to every application. For the first time ever, ElastiStor allows storage endpoints to be defined beyond capacity, in terms of IOPS, throughput and latency. This allows applications with diverse workloads to be guaranteed QoS from a shared storage platform. Together with linear scaling, a single extensible shared storage platform from ElastiStor can now replace legacy solutions’ dedicated storage silos. By fully sharing storage and optimally utilizing resources, ElastiStor steeply cuts down your storage footprint, leading to 80-90% cost savings over 3-5 years.

On-Demand Performance Provisioning

Do you still manually configure hardware to provision performance for any new application? Break the need for hardwiring storage with ElastiStor’s on-demand provisioning. Just enter the required SLA/QoS parameters and let ElastiStor automate node selection and resource allocation for you. ElastiStor includes an intelligent heuristics daemon which continuously learns the quantity of various controller resources needed to deliver the required QoS.

vCenter-like Administration Console

ElastiStor makes managing storage as easy as managing VMs, even as you scale to hundreds of applications. Storage admins can now comprehensively manage the entire storage cluster, spanning across multiple sites, from a single web-based console. Further, ElastiStor gives you unprecedented access and control over resource usage within shared storage, right down to the application-level granularity.

REST APIs and Plugins for Easy Integration

Every action performed at ElastiStor admin console translates into a REST based API call in the backend. Using these REST APIs, admins can comprehensively provision and manage ElastiStor volumes from VMware vCenter, Citrix XenCenter, OpenStack Horizon, or any other admin portal. Our plugin for VMware vCenter allows admins to create and manage QoS-aware VMs right from vCenter console.

N-way High Availability

ElastiStor enables N-way High Availability, exponentially increasing reliability (mean time to failure), compared to the standard 2-way HA provided by existing solutions. CloudByte’s storage un-fragmentation and its patented VSM architecture make N-way HA affordable and feasible.

Delegated Administration

A much requested feature from the cloud service providers, delegated administration empowers both CSPs and its customers to monitor and control storage volumes. Management privileges vary based on the admin functionality – for example, a super admin can manage the entire storage cluster, whereas a customer admin can manage just the storage resources allotted to that particular customer.

Standard storage features

The following Storage features are available in CloudByte ElastiStor:

Feature Description
  • 128-bit file system
  • Zettabyte storage capacity
  • Unlimited file size
Access Protocols
  • NFSv3
  • NFSv4
  • CIFS
  • FC
Storage Connectivity
Storage Resilience
  • RAID Z1
  • RAID Z2
Storage Efficiency
  • De-duplication
  • Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
Back up
  • Unlimited Clones
  • Unlimited Snapshots
  • N-way high availability (N-way HA)
  • Partial failure transfer to the available node
  • Active-Active mode
  • HA with/without storage redundancy
Disaster Recovery
  • Tenant level disaster recovery
  • High availability across primary and DR sites
  • Block level replication
  • Synchronous mirroring,
  • Asynchronous mirroring
  • RPO—Last minute
  • RTO—Few minutes
Data Integrity
  • Protection against silent data corruption
  • Fixes corrupt block without having to take the file system offline

Note: The supported capacity of ElastiStor depends on the hardware. With adequate hardware support, ElastiStor can scale up to any extend.

How CloudByte ElastiStor is different from legacy storage solutions

The following table explains the major differences:

Feature Legacy solutions CloudByte ElastiStor
Storage Architecture Monolithic Patented VSM Architecture
Tenant Solution Only at access layers At all Storage Stack layers
Full featured tenants No guaranteed QoS, delegated administration, or complete security Provides guaranteed QoS, delegated administration rights, and complete security
Access to tenant-level resource usage No Yes
Security Limited Fully secure (complete isolation, access with encrypted key)

Patented VSM Architecture

In a CloudByte Controller, each tenant is completely isolated at storage stack levels and unified as a Virtual Storage Machine (VSM). With complete isolation, VSMs can be treated as if they are allotted dedicated storage controller enabling:

  • Shared storage tenants with guaranteed QoS (IOPS, Throughput, and latency), delegated administration rights, and complete security.
  • Easy shared storage management with access to and control over tenant-level resource usage (disk, cache, network, and CPU).

Together with its rich customizability and scalability, CloudByte ElastiStor offers a powerful storage virtualization solution for service providers and enterprises.

CloudByte ElastiStor Editions

CloudByte ElastiStor has the following two editions:

  • Enterprise edition
  • Community edition.

For further details, see Community edition and Enterprise edition.