Storage Volume FAQs

Can I migrate a storage volume?

No. You can only migrate VSM.

Can I mirror a storage volume?

You can do a DR of your storage volume.

Can I keep storage volume in a sleep state?


Can a storage volume span multiple pools?


Will enabling compression and deduplication impact the performance?

Yes, they can significantly impact. Compression and deduplication are CPU and memory intensive processes.

What is the right latency number to specify for the storage volume?

Depends on the disk from which the pool is created. For example, SSDs are of lower latency when compared with SATA.

I enabled READ-only property for iSCSI Volume mounted on a Windows client, and observe that the property hasn’t taken effect. How can I make the Volume READ only?

For the READ-only property to take effect, disconnect the iSCSI Volume and then remount it on the client.

Can I have storage volume with same names under different accounts?


Can the storage capacity be changed after configuring a storage volume?