Configuring IPMI settings

Set up IPMI configuration

  1. Switch on one of the Nodes in your CloudByte ElastiStor Appliance.
  2. A50-IPMI1
  3. Press DEL to enter the Supermicro BIOS setup.
  4. A50-IPMI2 (2)
  5. In the following screen,
    • Use the right arrow key and navigate to IPMI tab.
    • Use the down arrow key and navigate to BMC Network Configuration and then press enter.
  6. A50-IPMI_5
  7. Press enter at Update IPMI LAN Configuration option and set it to YES.
  8. A50-IPMI_7
  9. At the prompt, select Static (press enter) as the Configuration Address Source.
  10. A50-IPMI_8
  11. Press enter and specify the Station IP address (IP address of the IPMI management console).
  12. A50-IPMI_9
  13. Press enter and specify the Subnet Mask (the standard IPv4 subnet mask, for example
  14. A50-IPMI_10
  15. Press enter and specify the Gateway IP address (the IPv4 gateway IP address, for example
  16. A50-IPMI_11
  17. Press F4 to save the configurations and exit the BIOS setup.
  18. A50-IPMI_12
  19. To access the management console,
    • Launch Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer Web browser.
    • Specify the URL in the following format: https://ManagementConsole_IP_Address/page/login.html
  20. Specify the following default credentials:
  21. CredentialsValue