Data access using NFS

Network File System (NFS) allows a server to share directories and files with clients over a network.

The following section details the setup:

VSM NFS options

  1. In the VSM Page, click Manage NFS Configuration (Actions > Tasks).
  2. (In the following page) Click Edit, change the Number of NFS Worker Threads, and then save the settings.

File system NFS options

  1. In the navigation pane, select Storage Volumes.
  2. In the Storage Volume page, select the Storage Volume for which you want to specify the NFS options.
  3. In the following page, select Manage NFS Configuration in the Tasks section of the Actions pane.
  4. select_mangage_nfs_configuration

  1. In the NFS clients page, click Add NFS Clients.
  2. add_nfs_clients

  3. Specify the following options:
Option Description
Network/IP addresses Single Network ID with subnet mask (for example, You can also provide space-separated list of IP addresses for which access has to be provided (for example, instead.
Map as Root Users Yes restricts all users to root.
Read-only Yes prohibits writing to the share.

  1. Click Add.