ElastiStor Scalability report

No scalability limitations

ElastiStor Node does not have theoretical limitations on the number of Storage Volumes, VLANs and VSMs per Node as revealed in the tests done with 12000 Volumes. Also, ElastiStor supports unlimited snapshots and clones.

Performance dependencies

The performance at scale depends on the underlying hardware.

With powerful CPUs with more cores and RAMs you get better performance as detailed in the following table:

Scalability Values

Maximum Number of Value
Simultaneous tenants (VLANs) 4096
ISCSI initiators (per target) 256
Volumes Unlimited
iSCSI targets per VSM 256
NFS mounts per VSM 256
Snapshots 64K
Clones Unlimited
File size 2^64
Volume size 2^64
VSMs 256
Maximum number of nodes in an HA group 4
Maximum number of disks connected to a Node 1024