High Availability FAQs

The Node fails to move back to available mode. Why?

In the case of failure, verify the storage connectivity and check for any error messages in the View Jobs (HA Group > select the specific HA Group > actions pane > Tasks). If you cannot resolve, contact Technical Support.

How do I configure redundant management NIC?

You can establish a highly available network connection with a redundant (backup) network interface. The redundant network interface protects against network failures.  If the active management network interface becomes unavailable, the system automatically switches to the redundant interface to maintain availability.

  • Management interface is named em0
  • Backup interface is named em1
  • Node has been added on ElastiCenter. For details, see Adding a Node.

Do the following to set up em1 as the redundant network interface:

    1. Log in to ElastiStor Node as root.
    2. Run the following command to edit the  
      vi /cf/conf/config.xml
    3. In the config.xml, search for the tag 
      and specify the following as the next line: 
    4. For example,
<type>webgui</type> <backupif>em0</backupif>
    1. In the config.xml, search for 
      and specify the following as the next line:
    2. For example,
Sample Snippet

Future releases of ElastiStor will provide a GUI to configure redundant management interface.

How will I protect my setup against network failures?

See the FAQ How do I configure redundant management NIC?

What should I do if my primary ElastiCenter (in ElastiCenter HA setup) goes down?

For troubleshooting this issue, see Troubleshooting ElastiCenter HA.

ElastiCenter displays the message HA ring broken. What does the message refer to?

The HA ring broken message is displayed when the management network fails. You may have to analyze the logs to find out the reason for the network failure.