Installing ElastiCenter

  1. Insert the CloudByte ElastiStor installation disk into your computer’s DVD or CD drive and boot up your Node (ensure that the disk drive is set as your system’s primary boot device). The installation starts up and the following screen with the boot options appear:


    By default, the boot option Boot CloudByte ElastiStor is selected. So you need not interfere. To select a different boot option, see “Boot options”.

    The Welcome screen appears.


  2. In the following screen, accept the license agreement.


  3. Select Only ElastiCenter option. For details, see Installation options.


  4. (If you have multiple disks) At prompt, select the disk where you want to install CloudByte ElastiStor.


  6. (If you have multiple Ethernet Interfaces) At prompt, select the Ethernet Interface and click OK.


    The following screen appears:


  7. Specify the networking configuration details.
  8. Click OK. The following screen appears:


  9. Select Continue to confirm the settings so that the installation can start up. To modify any of the values, select Back. Installation starts and the wizard shows the progress.


  10. In the following screen, specify the region you belong to:


  11. Confirm the country and then confirm the time zone.


    The installation completes and the following screen appears:


    After installing the packages, CloudByte ElastiStor reboots (indicated by the following screen).


    Wait till the system automatically reboots. The following screen welcomes you after the reboot:


    The following screen with a login prompt indicates that installation is successful. You can proceed to configure CloudByte ElastiStor.



You can now

  1. Launch ElastiCenter in Mozilla Firefox Web browser (by specifying the URL, provided in the network configuration details, in the format https://<ipaddress>).
  2. Log in.
  3. Perform the configuration procedures. For details, see “Configuring CloudByte ElastiStor“.

Boot options

Option Description
Boot CloudByte The default option. Select to start the installation with all standard options enabled.
Escape to loader prompt Lets you perform advanced configuration in a CLI environment.
Reboot Select to reboot.
Boot CloudByte with ACPI Select to boot with advanced configuration and power interface. Helpful for power management.
Boot CloudByte with Safe Mode Diagnostic mode with reduced functionality.
Boot CloudByte with Single User Mode Lets only a single user to login. That is the root user.
Boot CloudByte with Verbose To view behind the scene activities that occur during the installation. Particularly useful for troubleshooting .