Restore snapshots while mapping CIFS share (on Windows)

  1. In ElastiCenter, create a Storage Volume and name it say testvol1.
  2. When you create the first CIFS Storage Volume, the Add User page appears.
  3. Create user credentials to map CIFS share on Windows Client as follows:
    1. In the Accounts page, select the Account associated with the Storage Volume.
    2. Select Manage CIFS Authentication Groups in the Actions pane.
    3. Select Add Authentication Group in the Tasks section.
    4. cifs_add_authentication_group

    5. In the following page, provide the relevant credentials and then click OK.
    6. cifs_add_authentication_group_details

  4. Mount the Storage Volume on Windows Client as follows:
    1. Open your Windows Client and then select Computer > Map Network Drive.
    2. CIFS_windows_revsnapshots_MapNetworkDrive

    3. Write some data.
  5. Ensure that you have enabled CIFS as follows:
    1. On Windows Client, launch Map Network Drive dialog box (Computer > Map Network Drive).
    2. Specify the drive and the tenant IP address (with CIFS share name) in a format as shown in the following screen:
    3. CIFS_windows_revsnapshots_TenantIPAddress1

    4. Provide the CIFS share access path and then click Finish.
    5. Ensure that the option Connect using different credentials is checked.
  6. Provide the CIFS username and password and then click OK.
  7. CIFS_windows_revsnapshots_Username

  8. Ensure that CIFS share is connected (highlighted), as shown in the following page:
  9. CIFS_windows_revsnapshots_EnsureCIFS

  10. Copy some data to the new Volume.
  11. Create a snapshot on the Storage Volume using the following procedures:
    1. In the Storage Volumes page, select the Storage Volume for which you want to create a local backup.
    2. In the following page, select Create Snapshot in the Actions pane.
    3. Specify a name for the snapshot to be created and then click OK.


  12. Go to Windows Client and then delete the data from the mounted Storage Volume.
  13. CIFS_windows_revsnapshots_Deletedata

  14. In ElastiCenter, click Manage Snapshots (Actions pane > Local Backup) to view the list of previously captured snapshots.
  15. For the snapshot you want to restore, click Restore icon to roll back the Storage Volume content to previous state.
  16. local_backup_click_restore_icon2

  17. On Windows Client, refresh the Storage Volume and then check the data.