Restore Snapshots while mapping FC LUNs (on Windows Server 2008)

  1. In ElastiCenter, create an FC Storage Volume.
  2. In ElastiCenter, assign a Windows client as an initiator to the FC Storage Volume.
  3. Create Storage Drive to use the FC LUN.
    1. Launch Server Manager and then select Disk Management in the left pane.
    2. Right-click the unallocated space (New Simple Volume wizard appears).
    3. Select New Simple Volume.


  4. Ensure that the new Storage Volume appears as shown in the following screen:
  5. iscsi_windows_revsnapshots_newVolume

  6. Copy some data to the Volume.
  7. fc_windows_revvsnapshots_copydata

  8. Create a snapshot on the Storage Volume using the following procedures:
    1. In the Storage Volumes page, select the Storage Volume for which you want to create a local backup.
    2. In the following page, select Create Snapshot in the Actions pane.
    3. Specify a name for the snapshot and then click OK.


  9. Delete the data on the mounted Storage Volume from the Windows Client.
  10. fc_windows_revsnapshots_deletedata

  11. In ElastiCenter, click Manage Snapshots (Actions pane > Local Backup) to view the list of previously captured snapshots.
  12. Before restoring the snapshot, make the volume offline on the Windows Client (Disk Management > Right-Click Disk).
  13. fc_windows_revsnapshots_Offline

  14. From the list of snapshots, select the snapshot you want to restore and then click Restore icon to roll back the Storage Volume content to previous state.
  15. local_backup_click_restore_icon

  16. From the Windows Client, make the Storage Volume online.
  17. fc_windows_revsnapshots_Online