When you install the Community Edition of CloudByte ElastiStor, a free perpetual license file is already uploaded to ElastiCenter. You can use the license for up to 25TB usage of storage on CloudByte ElastiStor.

The license file has relevant details that implement license to use various features that you have purchased. CloudByte provides license file in the format L4J.

The following FAQs help you with licensing.

How do I access license details?

  1. Click Admin (at the top-right corner of the page).
  2. Select License from the drop-down list.


The License page appears.

I want to evaluate CloudByte ElastiStor. How will the trial license be enforced?

When you install a the Community Edition of CloudByte ElastiStor, the free  perpetual license file is, by default, uploaded. You need not do any licensing tasks.

I received the license file from CloudByte. How will I proceed?

  1. Place the license file (with the extension .l4j) on the machine from which you access CloudByte ElastiCenter.
  2. Log in to CloudByte ElastiCenter.
  3. In the Actions pane, click Upload New License and then Upload License.


The Add License wizard appears.


      1. Choose the license file that you have received and then click Upload.

The Check screen confirms the validity of the license and the Finish screen provides the license details. When you get back to the License page, all license details are listed.

Can I check the past licensing activities?

In the License page, click View History. The details of the license are listed.

Can I get support from CloudByte for the Community Edition of the product?

For Community Edition, support is limited to basic setup. Contact CloudByte technical support at