Upgrading CloudByte ElastiStor

Versions from which you can upgrade

If you are using the following versions of ElastiStor, you can upgrade to ElastiStor 1.4.0 Patch 5.


Installation options

You have the following two installation options:

  • Upgrade: Upgrades from any of the versions mentioned in Versions from which you can upgrade to ElastiStor 1.4.0 Patch 5.
  • New Installation: Replaces the current version of ElastiStor with ElastiStor 1.4.0 Patch 5.

Note: When you upgrade, ensure that you upgrade ElastiCenter first, and then proceed to upgrade the Node.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Back up ElastiCenter.For details see the section “Backing up ElastiCenter configurations”.
  2. Upgrade ElastiCenter using the steps in the following section Upgrade procedures.
  3. Log in to the Node as root and then run the following command to download the Volume configuration script:
    fetch http://cloudbyte.com/downloads/updateVolSize.py
  4. Run the following command:
    python updateVolSize.py 
  5. Move the Node to Maintenance Mode. For details, see the section Bringing Node to maintenance mode in “Configuring High Availability”. 
  6. Upgrade the Node using the procedures in the following section Upgrade procedures.
  7. Move the Node to Available mode. For details, see the section Making a Node available in “Configuring High Availability”. 
  8. Refresh hardware for the upgraded Node.
  9. Ensure that the Pools on the Node are online.
  10. Repeat the procedures (from step 3 to step 7) for the other Node.

Upgrade procedures

  1. Boot up your server and insert the CloudByte ElastiStor installation disk into your computer’s DVD or CD drive. The installation starts up and the following screen with the boot options appear:


    By default, the boot option Boot CloudByte ElastiStor is selected. Do not interfere.

    The Welcome screen appears.


  2. In the following screen, accept the license information.

    Installing CloudByte ElastiCenter-3

  3. Select Upgrade in the following screen:


    The upgrade progresses as shown in the following screen:


    The upgrade completes and the following screen appears:


    After installing the packages, CloudByte ElastiStor reboots (indicated by the following screen).


    Wait till the system automatically reboots. The following screen welcomes you after the reboot:


    The following screen with a login prompt indicates that upgrade is successful. You can proceed to configure CloudByte ElastiStor.

    Installing CloudByte ElastiCenter-17

You can now

  1. Launch ElastiCenter in Mozilla Firefox Web browser (by specifying the URL, provided in the Network Configuration Details, in the format https://ipaddress).
  2. Log in.
  3. Perform the configuration procedures. For details, see “Configuring CloudByte ElastiStor”.