ElastiCenter, ElastiStor’s management console


ElastiCenter is the centralized management tool that you use to configure, monitor, manage, and deploy the services provided by CloudByte ElastiStor.

ElastiCenter lets you

  • Use the Graphical User Interface to manage the storage environment
  • Generate statistical and configuration reports to help troubleshoot
  • Delegate administration tasks
  • Track events
  • Globally control various settings

Using ElastiCenter, the entire ElastiStor deployment, consisting of multiple geographical sites spanning multiple clusters and servers, can be managed from a single browser session. Storage management tasks such as High Availability and disaster recovery can be done from the same session. To illustrate, let us examine the processing of a file recovery request for a particular storage tenant using a legacy solution and CloudByte ElastiStor:

Legacy solution CloudByte ElastiStor
The administrator has to
  1. Manually recover the file from the DR storage system
  2. Manually transfer to the primary site
  3. Merge with the primary site.
In CloudByte ElastiStor, using ElastiCenter, the administrators can perform actions remotely from the management portal. The administrator can, from the same browser session,
  1. Log in to the primary site.
  2. Identify the storage file system that needs to be recovered.
  3. Browse for the corresponding backup copies on the remote DR site.
  4. Recover data with a single click.

The following illustration shows the workflow to setup a storage environment using CloudByte ElastiCenter: