Creating an HA Group

An HA Group houses a group of Nodes. HA Group enables takeover during failures. Workload of a failed Node is assigned to another Node in the same HA Group based on availability and performance requirements.

All Nodes in the HA group you create must be on the same
  • Public network: used in Node management
  • Private network: used in data transfer with VSMs

Use the HA Groups page (ElastiCenter > HA Groups) to create an HA Group.

Creation of HA Groups leads to the formation of High availability Clusters. For details, see Configuring High Availability.

  1. In the HA Groups page, click Add HA Group.
  2. The Add HA Group page appears.


      1. Specify the following options and then click HA Group.
    Field Description
    Site The Site to which you add the HA Group.
    Name Unique name for the HA Group.
    Description Meaningful description for the HA Group.
    HA Group Health Check IP Address Range Provide a range of dedicated IP addresses (first and last) in the management network. For instance, The IP addresses you specify are used to check the heartbeat between Nodes. Note: Ensure that you do not specify the IP addresses used for Node or ElastiCenter.

    Changing the HA Group health check IP address range

    1. Bring Node1 to maintenance mode.
    2. Bring Node2 to maintenance mode.
    3. In the HA Groups page, select the HA Group for which you want to change the Health Check IP address range.
    4. Click Settings in the actions pane.
    5. In the following page, click edit and then change the details.
    6. Change hagroup ip range

    7. Click Save