Creating a Site

A Site represents a data center or part of a data center. Building storage infrastructure starts with the creation of Site. It is the fundamental infrastructure unit where your Node, storage, and network infrastructure reside.

Use the Sites page (ElastiCenter > Sites) to create a Site.

The Sites page provides a graphical representation of the Sites that you have created. It provides the Site details such as the HA Groups, Pools, Provisioned Storage, and TSMs that you have set up.

Click any of the Site details link for specific review and configuration. For example, click HA GroupsĀ to access details of the HA GroupsĀ associated with the Site.

To create a Site

  1. In the Sites page, click Add Site in the actions pane.

The Add Site page appears.


  1. Specify the following details:
Field Description
Name Unique name for the site
Location Where the site is located
Description A meaningful description for the Site
  1. Click Add.