ElastiCenter User Interface

The following topics orient you with the ElastiCenter User Interface.

Note: The screenshots in the documentation are captured from the Enterprise Edition of ElastiStor. However, except for the color schemes, the user interface and functionality are identical for both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Navigation pane

The navigation pane in the left-hand side of ElastiCenter provides a list of options.

When you select an option, you are taken to a specific component page. Use the component pages to perform various configuration and management tasks.

Note: The options displayed in the navigation pane depend on the administrative privileges you have. If you are a super administrator, you have all the options. For further details, see Managing CloudByte ElastiStor.

Content pane

The content pane displays the component pages that provide options and data to configure CloudByte ElastiStor. For example, if you select Sites in the navigation pane, the Sites page appears.


Summary pane

Summary pane sums up the number of storage components, such as Sites or Pools, in the storage infrastructure.


Actions pane

Action Pane, in the right-hand side of the content pane, provides a list of configuration options. For example, in the HA Groups page, go the Actions pane and add administrator.


Notification menu

The information menu in the top right-hand side of ElastiCenter lets you access Alerts, Events, Reports, and Administrator data. You also have the option to go back to the Home page.


See Also: Monitoring and CloudByte ElastiStor reporting

Admin options

The Admin options help you with various administrative tasks.


See Also: CloudByte ElastiStor API Reference, Licensing, and Delegated administration.