Setting up your storage

In CloudByte ElastiStor, the set of configurations that you perform can be divided in to tasks related to

  • Infrastructure, the base structure of your storage service
  • Accounts, that you have to create for storage specific needs

The following figure shows how your infrastructure and account are organized in CloudByte ElastiStor:


The following sections explain the concepts in detail:


Building your storage infrastructure starts with the creation of a Site, the fundamental infrastructure unit where your Node and storage and network infrastructure reside.

The following figure depicts the structure of a site:


The following figure explains each component of the site


After you set up the storage infrastructure, you build the account infrastructure. That is, you set up the client/customer for using your storage infrastructure.

The following figure explains how an account is constituted in CloudByte ElastiStor.


The following figure explains each component associated with the account.

Storage_volume_definition (1)